Strength and Honor Mentoring and Tutoring (SAH)

"Where Dreams Become Reality and Boys Become Men"

Strength and Honor Mentoring and Tutoring was started by an educator named Albert Harrold who wanted to make a change in struggling communities.  Albert is a husband and father of four.  He has always had a passion for underprivileged youth.  Being that Albert is an educator he is able to see first hand what our youth are dealing with in day to day life.  Watching young people go down the wrong path and ending up in prison or even dead really impacted his decision to begin this program.  He wanted to touch on core values that are important in helping children become effective adults, but most importantly boys become men. 

 Education is the key!  Offering tutoring services allows children to work one on one with a highly skilled individual to better themselves in their area of difficulty.  Mentoring services gives children and young adults the opportunity to maximize their chance at becoming the best they can be by being strong, confident, honorable adults. 

Summer camp is a bonus!  SAH summer camp is the place to be in the summer.  We offer a summer camp program like no other.  At SAH summer camp we do community service each week, arts and crafts, camping retreats, STEM, weekly field trips, mentoring sessions and so much more.  I'm telling you your child will not be the same after participating in SAH's program.