Strength and Honor Mentoring and Tutoring (SAH)

"Where Dreams Become Reality and Boys Become Men"


The tragic events in Ferguson surrounding the death of Mike Brown put an international spotlight on Ferguson and particularly the daily life struggles of its youth. The Ferguson Commission report cited the need to acknowledge systemic injustice and inequality so the community could grow through that tragedy. Most importantly, Ferguson’s community needed to engage with each other. The Hours of Honor Campaign has been designed to target the most valuable asset an individual or corporation can give to the youth of Ferguson—their time. This service of time to mentor and support is invaluable to the journey ahead for each of these youth. The campaign seeks to raise 20,846 hours total (the population of Ferguson) to show symbolically the importance of each resident of Ferguson spending an hour with someone new. Moreover, the campaign is targeting long-term commitments of a minimum of 40 hours each rather than one-off volunteer events, the latter of which are still important but not as meaningful in establishing the kinds of bonds of mutual understanding that will help Ferguson heal and find common values across its various residents. The campaign also seeks to inspire other communities to take on a similar challenge to share their time with each other. In this moment in America, spending time to get to know our neighbors and our youth, especially those who are different, has never been so important to our future success as a community and a country.


On Thursday, September 7th at 4pm SAH will host a kick-off event featuring a performance by SAH Ambassador and Ferguson native, Grammy Award-winning trumpeter/composer/producer Keyon Harrold. Keyon will perform a short set including MB Lament, the song he composed to honor Mike Brown and the rest of Ferguson’s youth, especially those who have fallen victim to inequality and injustice. The performance will also feature band members including Keyon’s own Ferguson childhood friends who are also now world-renowned musicians. The event will feature remarks by the Mayor of Ferguson, James Knowles, a representative of the Ferguson Police Department, Captain Ron Johnson, and SAH founder Albert Harrold. The event will take place at the Ferguson Community Center’s event space at 1050 Smith Avenue, Ferguson, Missouri. The event will also be streamed live on Facebook.


Corporations and individuals can contribute by pledging commitments to tutor or mentor Ferguson public school youth over the coming academic school year. SAH seeks marquis commitments by Ferguson’s major corporate stakeholders for 2000 or more hours, which is the equivalent of 50 employees giving 40 hours over the coming academic year, an equivalent of 2 hours of tutoring or mentoring a child per week.

Will You Join the Campaign?