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To bring together community leaders and adult roles models to engage directly with Ferguson’s youth through an established mentoring and tutoring program that helps build character and academic aptitude.


Strength and Honor Mentoring and Tutoring (SAH) was founded by Ferguson public school educator and former All-American wrestling champion Albert Harrold who sought to support the underprivileged youth of his community. During his four decades growing up and then working in Ferguson, he has watched his community struggle from increased poverty and injustice. Having the experience of working with Ferguson’s youth first-hand in the school district, Albert could see his students falling behind their national peers. In a community that has been plagued with a doubling of poverty and joblessness rates since 2000, many youth who lacked parental role models were heading down the wrong path, sometimes ending up in prison or even death. Rather than let the greatest asset of Ferguson’s future go unrealized, he sought to use his training as a science teacher but also as a competitive wrestler to share core values with young people to help them become effective adults and, in particular, to help Ferguson’s boys to become men. 

Believing that education is the most important ingredient for Ferguson’s youth to rise above the challenges many of them face in their home and community environments, SAH offers individual tutoring services to ensure children work one-on-one with a skilled adult mentor to better themselves in their areas of difficulty. Furthermore, SAH offers mentoring services for boys to help them actualize their best selves as strong, confident, honorable adults. Finally, SAH Summer Camp for boys and girls brings the youth of Ferguson together to engage in community service projects together each week alongside fun team-building leisure and camping retreats, STEM-based activities, weekly field trips, and intense mentoring sessions. While many of Ferguson’s most underprivileged youth struggle most during the summer months without the services the public school offers them, SAH provides a bridge of support to them and their families to help them grow intellectually and emotionally.

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